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Scuba Diving Trips in the Channel Islands

Peace Dive offers several scuba diving trips that are generally in the Channel Islands off the California coast. There are eight islands in a chain along the Santa Barbara Channel and five of these islands are part of the Channel Islands National Park. Divers view the California Moray eel, giant Black Sea Bass, Garibaldi, Sea Lions, Spanish Shawl nudibranch, Bat Ray and kelp forests and much more. Single day trips to Talcott Shoal for lobster are specifically for intermediate to advanced divers. Tank air fills and meals are provided, and the customer must provide all scuba and snorkeling equipment or rent it from Peace. There are also single day trips to Anacapa that are suitable for beginners and intermediate divers who want spectacular scenery for photo-ops and sightseeing. There is single or multi-day free diving with no tanks for breath-hold dives. Divers see yellowtail, white seabass, barracuda, halibut and many species of reef fish.

Regarding to the Covid-19 Outbreak we have made a new wavier you need to sign before entering the boat and please read this form before checking out.

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(limited load)2 Day Halibut Hunt to San Miguel Island on Fri -Sat, Spet. 02-03, 2022 at Midnight
(limited load)2 Day Halibut Hunt to San Miguel Island on Fri -Sat, Spet. 02-03, 2022 at Midnight
Our Price: $510.00

2 Day Halibut Hunt Scuba-Diving trip to Outer Islands on Fri - Sat, July 30-31, 2021 at Midnight
This trip includes 2 days of scuba diving, scuba tank air fills and meals. We leave the dock at Midnight and return the next day between 5-6pm.
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