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Trip Boarding and Departure Times

Trip Boarding
You may board our boat the night before your trip anytime after 8pm. Boarding is after 8pm, so that we can allow the previous group time to disembark and so that we can clean and fuel prior to your trip. Please respect this boarding time, so that we can prepare the boat for your trip.

Trip Departure TImes
Each trip has a specific departure time that is listed on our Trip Schedule. All you need to do to find our departure time is click on the button for the trip that you are interested and a pop-up window will open up with more info about that trip and will list that trips specific departure time. Please note that our departure times are FIRM and we leave promptly at that time whether you are on board or not. We suggest that you and all of your equipment are on board no later than 30 minutes prior to departure as noted above you are welcome to sleep onboard the night before your trip.

Many of our trips leave in the middle of the night so that we can travel to the destination while you are sleeping. The first dive usually is between 7-8am.

Our trips usually return to the dock between 5-7pm.
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