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The Nuvair Nitrox System uses semi permeable membranes to produce O2 rich air (nitrox). The nitrox at up to 40% O2 can then be compressed with an oil lubricated high-pressure compressor into scuba bottles or storage tanks for later use or with a low-pressure compressor for immediate delivery to divers.

Low pressure air (200psi-300psi) is fed to the hollow membrane fibers. All the oxygen molecules pass through the hollow fiber walls but only some of the nitrogen molecules move through resulting in up to 40% nitrox! Standard Mix DNAx fills will be at a 32% oxygen mix.

Charters may request special blends (up to 36%) for their group. However, because the special blends cannot be adjusted from one tank to the next, the entire group will be filled at the specified blend for the entire day. NITROX divers are strongly encouraged to use their own NITROX analyzers to test their own fills.

Requirements Each person(s) requesting NITROX fills will be required to present their NITROX certification card prior to receiving any fills. All NITROX divers should have a full tank of NITROX prior to boarding the PEACE. If NITROX is inaccessible in your area, we can fill your tank for the fees listed below. Each tank to be filled with NITROX must be identified with a NITROX identification sticker, or other form of NITROX identification visible directly on the tank, the PEACE has tags available if needed.

Rates for 32% Nitrox ( Cash, Venmo or Squarecash accepted)

Number of Fills Cost
1 Fill $10 2 Fills $20 3 Fills $30

Overnight trips:
Anything past 3 fills stays at a rate of $30 per day
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