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Welcome to the Peace Dive Boat
Please enjoy some feedback from our customers and the live feed video below from Anacapa.
Customer Reviews:

The Peace is the premier dive boat in Southern California. Great dive spots, comfortable galley, the best food and one of the most awesome crews anywhere. I’m in one of the oldest dive clubs in the area and, between us, we have several hundred years dive experience and we all agree on one thing: We Love The Peace! Where else can you get great food, movies in the galley, a hot tub and some of the best diving in all of California in the same day. I’ll let you in on a secret...sometimes the diving is so great I don’t even bother with the hot tub (nicknamed “the fourth dive of the day”). And we all agree that the crew is the most accommodating and helpful ever. I’ve been on the boat with photographers, sightseers, classes and hunters and all have the same reaction to the boat: They love it!
p.s. Can’t wait to go back out again!

The Peace Dive Boat and crew is a very professional operation that works hard in making your dive experience memorable. The crew will go out of their way to assist you in any way or form, ranging from general dive advice, equipment repair, or any special needs. The crew is well-rounded and can answer general questions with Fish and Wildlife, photography, technical diving, and hunting, I highly recommend this operation and will not dive any other boat. Can't forget to mention the food!
Dr. Kevin Kwak

Why do I love diving on the Peace?
Let me count the ways...
First and foremost, the crew of the Peace is the best I've ever encountered, bar none, in my 50+ years of diving.
They always work as a team.
They're very safety conscience while allowing those who've earned their trust to be a bit more adventurous.
They're a fun loving bunch who always give as well as they get.
They can always be counted on to take the boat to the best dive locations, weather permitting.
How the crew operates and interacts with us paying passengers, their demeanor, their consistency of operations, safety concerns, etc. is wholly a function of owner, Eric Bowman..
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For any of those interested in Diving the Channel Islands whether it be for pleasure diving or hunting fish and lobsters there is no better boat or crew to help make your experience the best one possible. I have been diving on the Peace for about 10 years and it is something I look forward to on my calendar time and time again. The crew always knows where to go and will go through tremendous effort to make your time on their boat the best one possible. I really couldn’t imagine a crew that could be more friendly and oriented to taking care of their divers.
Thank You
Rob Salvo

I have used the Peace dive boat for many years as a customer and a charterer for our dive club Channel Islands Divers and my current business, Channel Islands Dive Adventures and the Peace is by far my favorite. I have been on and chartered many other boats and the Peace and crew have consistently been the best for service and quality for my customers and myself. The Captains (Eric & Kevin) know the islands very well and can get you on great dive sites and the crew (most have worked on the Peace for a long time now) are always top notch, friendly and ready to help. Also, if you go hungry on the Peace there is something wrong-the food is always good and plentiful. The other nice thing is the Peace is always clean and neat and everyone seems to take great pride in working on the Peace. If you are looking for an excellent dive boat to use in SoCal then look no further!
Ken Kollwitz, Channel Islands Dive Adventures

I have been diving on the Peace dive boat for over 24 years. I average 4 multi-day trips per year and it is the boat I dive exclusively because they consistently provide the very best dive experience to their customers. Let me explain.

The Peace was the original “All inclusive” format dive boat. There is no keeping track of air fills, food and drinks, they are all included and in generous portions. The only additional charge is for those who dive Nitrox. You know exactly what the trip will cost you before you get there. That is very important to the budget conscious diver.
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I've been on quite a few charters with the Peace Dive Boat; both single and multi day outings over the years. Angie/Eric run a 1st rate operation. The crew is always friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable of the offshore environment of Southern California. I've always had good experiences on the Peace.
Joseph C. Dovala

What can I say about the Peace?
Of all the dive boats I’ve used, the Peace has consistently been the best. Best food – providing a full meal for lunch is so important. Best service - the crew knocks themselves out to provide the best diving available, often at the expense of the profit margin or their own convenience. Even when weather and sea don’t want to cooperate, Skippers Eric and Kevin use their fantastic knowledge and experience to seek out the best conditions available.
Bravo Zulu, Peace!

Dick Shrewsbury

What makes the ‘Peace’ my favorite California dive boat?
1. Great crew(s): experience, safety, friendliness, accommodating.
2. Excellent Customer Service.
3. Great vessel: large stern platform for easy re-boarding, Nitrox, solid vessel.
4. Relaxed, but very safe dive operations.
5. Endless list of excellent dive sites within range.
6. ‘Two anchor’ system on most dives.
7. Infamous hot tub
Josh Roten
Ventura, CA
Diving the Channel Islands Live Ocean Webcam
A parternship between the National Park Service and the Ventura County Office of Education has brought to you a live Ocean Webcam located within the landing cove on Anacapa Island.
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