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Battery Charging Rules
In order to stay safe, we have implemented some new guidelines for charging devices on our vessel.


•Device charging hours are from 7 AM to 8 PM.

•Devices may only be charged in the charging station on the port side, no exceptions

(this means no charging on bricks in bunks)

•No items may be stored on the lowest shelf of the charging area. Please keep it clear for charging items.

•Please be considerate of others and unplug your charged items as soon as they are done. It is your responsibility to keep a watch

and unplug it from the outlet as soon as possible to give someone else a turn.

•The charging station will be turned OFF from 8 PM to 7 AM. If you leave things to be charged in that area they will not charge.

•Please use the OFFICIAL batteries and charging docks for your devices. Do not use knock offs from online.

•There are a very limited amount of outlets available for charging: 4 AC 110 volt and 2 usb. Please bring pre-charged batteries as


•The crew reserves the right to unplug anything that looks unsafe at any time.

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