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Eric and Angie Bowman are the owners of the Peace Dive Boat.  They are here to make your diving experience memorable and fun.  Eric and Angie each have over 20 years of experience in the diving industry and started diving in the their teens with Eric being certified in 1984 at the Channel Islands and Angie being certified in 1988 at Monterey, California.  They both have made diving their lives and their careers and have a great deal of experience and love for diving to share.   
Eric Bowman  
Eric is a certified Divemaster, has his 100 Ton Captain license, is First Aid and CPR Trained, and is a DAN Oxygen Provider.  Eric has been diving since 1984 and worked on the PEACE as a Deckhand, Divemaster and First/Second Captain since 1994.  Eric started working on dive boats in Ventura at 16 years of age.  He has previously worked on the Sea Ventures, Liberty and Spectre before joining the PEACE in 1994.  He has extensive knowledge of the Channel Islands and has had years of Channel Islands diving.  Eric's passion is Underwater Hunting and Free-Diving.  During Lobster Season you will see him jump off the boat and often get his daily limit in one dive.  But Free-Diving for White Sea Bass and Yellow Tail is his favorite thing to do.  When Eric has an opportunity to take a trip for himself, he heads to Mexico to Free-Dive for Blue Fin.  
Angie Bowman
Angie is a certified Master Instructor with SSI and with PADI, a DAN O2 Instructor, an American Red Cross First Aid/CPR and AED Instructor.  She enjoys teaching diving and has trained over 1500 divers since she began teaching in 1989.  She loves to take underwater pictures and help with the Peace topside support.        
Kevin DeWaay - Instructor; 100 Ton Captain license; DAN Oxygen Provider. Kevin has been the First/Second Captain on the PEACE since 2001 and diving for 20 years. He previously worked on the Liberty for 5 years. He is conscientious and a knowledgeable captain with extensive knowledge of the Channel Islands. 
Steve Sanford Captain / Divemaster and currently in charge of the Galley. Steve does it all and shares his enthusiasm along the way.
Fidel Luna - Divemaster; 100 Ton Captain license; DAN Oxygen Provider. Fidel has been diving since 1967 and has worked as a Deckhand, Divemaster and First/Second Captain on the PEACE since 1989. He has previously worked on the Truth, the Atlantis and the Leo. Fidel has the unique gift of gab - a real sweet talker and a passenger favorite. He has an extensive knowledge of both the Southern and Northern islands. 
Mike Howard - Deckhand / Instructor
Ryan Galgas - Deckhand
Paul Ross - Deckhand / Divemaster
Becci Wilson - Galley Chef
Autumn Cleverley - Galley Chef
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